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Vision for the new century

Madonna University is an independent Catholic, Franciscan institution of higher learning committed to teaching, scholarship, and service. The university's educational philosophy is founded on the Franciscan sprit, which encounters god in the whole of creation, manifested by persons, events, and natural things. This view defines men and women as moral-ethical beings and advocates a life based on truth, goodness, and service to others, rooted in the teachings and traditions of the Roman Catholic Church. Drawing Inspiration from the selfless love of Jesus Christ and his mother, the Madonna, the University seeks to communicate a coherent understanding of reality, discernable through the sprit, mind, and imagination. The University adheres to the guidelines set forth in The Application of Ex corde Ecclesiae in the United States.

Madonna University is committed to meeting the educational needs of traditional and nontraditional students as they pursue associate, baccalaureate and master's degrees and lifelong learning. The university's strong foundation of liberal arts education combined with career preparation is acknowledged for its relatedness to the quality of life and economic growth and development of Southeastern Michigan. In Realizing all aspects of its vision, the university emphasizes a service approach to students through an integrated student support structure and flexible delivery systems both on and off campus, nationally and internationally, and through in-person and distance education instruction.


Madonna University expresses its mission in the following statements:

Foundational values of our mission.

Mission statement

The mission of Madonna University, a catholic and Franciscan institution of higher learning, is to instill in its students Christian humanistic values, intellectual inquiry, a respect for diversity, and a commitment to serving others through a liberal arts education, integrated with career preparation, and based on the truths and principles recognized within the Catholic tradition.

The Catholic Tradition

Madonna University, founded and sponsored by the Felician Sisters of Livonia, Michigan,

• maintains fidelity to the teaching authority of the Catholic Church through its academic curriculum and student life activities;

• promotes an appreciation for and openness to other religious traditions;

• encourages an atmosphere of respect and sensitivity to all persons. The university's faith environment fosters the search for unity and the spirit of ecumenism, interreligious dialogue, and intellectual freedom.

Through undergraduate, graduate, and continuing professional study, Madonna University provides men and women with opportunities for intellectual, spiritual, and personal growth. The university endeavors to develop the capacity of its students to evaluate values and norms of modern society and culture from a Christian perspective in order to give full meaning to human life. Ultimately, the Christian message calls upon all people to witness God's unconditional love to the world through the pursuit of truth, the promotion of social justice, and the commitment to serve others who are less fortunate.

The Franciscan Ideal

The Madonna University community supports and maintains an educational environment which is in harmony with the teachings of Jesus Christ as exemplified in the life of St. Francis of Assisi. The Franciscan Ideal encourages a "conversion of heart" away from selfish worldliness toward a Christ-centered vision of creation. The mission of the University receives its sprit from such Franciscan values as:

• a reverence for the dignity of each person;

• a love of God translated into assisting all people, especially the poor, minority groups, and individuals challenged with disabilities;

• an appreciation of nature and all creation;

• a conviction that the liberal arts and sciences develop the intellect so as to prepare the individuals to render more effective service to humanity.

Christian Humanistic Values

Christian humanism, taking inspiration from the Judeo-Christian tradition of respect for life, supports the belief that a Higher Being judges and redeems life, thereby encouraging men and women to define their relationship with their brothers and sisters across the globe and throughout history itself. This philosophy recognizes the innate dignity of each person and affirms the human capacity and freedom of will to develop one's physical, social, psychological, and spiritual well-being to the fullest. In this context, education is a means of empowerment, preparing individuals to reach their full potential. In order to meet the intellectual, spiritual, and personal development needs of learners within the framework of Catholic and Franciscan higher education, the Madonna University community commits itself to living the following core values.


Madonna University is aware of the responsibility that results from the trust placed by the community in its ability to educate its student effectively. It, therefore, commits itself to quality as it endeavors to fulfill its mission and educational purpose. The University purpose a philosophy of continuous improvement based upon rigorous assessment, focused reflection, and informed decision making.


Madonna University recognizes that each individual's contribution is vital to achieving society's global and, therefore, values each person's special talents and abilities. A diversity of races, creeds, cultures, and physical ability enriches the University community, and, by creating a climate of mutual respect and justice, the University affirms each individual's right to dignity and civility.


Madonna University fosters a sprit of belonging, interdependence, and solidarity based on principles of mutual trust, respect for each individual and social justice. The University strives to be an agent of transformation that, through the power of liberal arts education integrated with career preparation, educates men and women to create positive change in the lives of individuals and the global community.

Educational Access

Since its founding, Madonna University has provided educational access for diverse groups that would not have had ready access to higher education otherwise, regardless of race, creed, physical ability, age, or socioeconomic status. This commitment led to the admission of male students in 1972 and to programs for off-campus and distance education students in the 1980's and 1990's. The University will continue to be a positive force in society by responding to the educational needs of underserved groups. In addition, Madonna University strives to deliver exceptional value at a cost below national norms for private institutions, thus remaining affordable to all students.

Intellectual, Spiritual, and Personal Development

Madonna University creates a learner-centered environment committed to the intellectual, spiritual, and personal development of its members: students, faculty, and staff. It is focused on developing the whole person both for professional employment and dedication to truth, goodness, and service. Each member of the University community is expected to manifest a commitment to lifelong learning and continued professional development.


The University practices honesty in all matters, including how it presents itself to its various publics and conducts all transactions. By manifesting integrity, the university models this ideal for its students, employees, and the community at large and, thus, fulfills a significant aspect of its teaching mission.

Responsible Stewardship

The Madonna University community recognizes that all of its resources are gifts from God. With these blessings comes the responsibility to shepherd recourses wisely and responsibly and to optimize their role in achieving the University's mission, vision, and purposes. Animated by the Franciscan sprit of service, the University deploys its resources for the benefit of its members, to foster learning and promote the fulfillment of human potential.


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