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  World Class Education

World Class Education:

LACC offers world class BS (Hons) and MBA programs of Madonna University, Michigan, USA. Accreditation is defined as the process of quality approval of a business school or a particular program(s). Accredited courses are those which have been approved by independent accrediting bodies. For you as a student, accreditation provides assurance that your BS (Hons) and MBA degrees will have genuine value in today's competitive markets. LACC is the partner Institution of Madonna University, Michigan, which is fully accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges & Schools, USA and is one of the top ranking Universities as per U.S. News and World Report.

Distinguished Faculty:

LACC has the best professors with excellent qualifications (doctoral degrees in major areas of specializations) and extensive teaching experience in American and British curricula. All our courses are taught only by eminent profes­sors with superb academic knowledge and professional expertise. The faculty consists of renowned business experts, world famous economists, leading computer professionals, experts in travel & tourism management, eminent Psychologists,and reputed professionals from top ranking Universities.

LACC's Competitive Strengths and Advantages over other Competing Institutions:

The LACC has clear and distinct edge and advantages over other competing institutions. The various competitive advantages of studying at LACC are clear from the following distinct benefits to the students:

The Competitive Advantages of our Bachelors' and Masters' Degree Programmes:

  • Distinct Benefits:

LACC's Bachelors' and Masters' degree programmes from America's top ranking Madonna University offer distinct benefits to students of the UAE such as variety of specializations, local & international onsite and online faculty members with doctoral degrees, up-to-date study materials and latest texts, highly employable and useful programmes and very affordable fees to the students of the UAE.

  • Intellectual rigour with practical relevance:

The LACC's Bachelors' and Masters' degree programmes & management development programmes join
theory and practice and instilthe spirit of systematic enquiry. Our degree programmes combine intellectual rigour with practical relevance as they are based on real life examples.

  • Balance between hard and soft skills:

Our American degree programmes balance the use of hard and soft skills (quantitative & qualitative applica­
tions) to enable the students not only to formulate new strategies, but also to implement them.

  • International focus:

Our American and British degree programmes & management development programmes promote Interna­
tional perspectives in the curriculum and among students and faculty.

  • Develop multiple skills:

Our American and British degree programmes encourage a critical caste of mind, a respect for diversity and a real understanding of one's own others' values.

  • Global Value:

Our degree programmes & management development programmes are recognized all over the world (USA,
UK and other parts of Europe, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, GCC Countries, Australia, and Canada) and thereby allowing our students to expand their career options across borders.

  • Well integrated programmes :

Our degree programmes are well integrated and lectures are of a very high standard with considerable opportunity
for dialogue and interaction with members of the staff.

  • Innovative curricula and life changing experience:

Our American and British degree programmes strongly emphasize the fast changes and shifts taking place in the business environment: technological innovation, information and communications technology, global financial market places and globalizing strategies...and the challenges that these developments bring.
The outcome of our degree programmes & management development programmes go beyond the financial terms. They are life changing and enhancing experience to the students of diverse background, interests and ability.

  • Personal, relevant and flexible degree programmes:

The LACC's degree programmes & management development programmes have personal touch; they are relevant and flexible. Personal means students will be taught by renowned faculty members who respect students' diversified backgrounds, individual strengths and learning needs.
Our degree programmes are relevant as the work students do on the course is relevant to their career and future. Students will be able to increase their ability and will become more able to understand and work in teams. They will discover new ways of dealing with uncertainty.
Our fully accredited American and British degree programmes are flexible as we offer students a professionally­ oriented, wide-ranging curriculum that is practical in its focus and integrated in its treatment of the contributing
disciplines of management.

  • Internationally accredited certifying bodies:

Our degree programmes are certified by internationally accredited world-class certifying bodies from the USA (Madonna University, Michigan, USA,which is one of the best American Universities, as per the US News and World Report 2012 edition, P.O. 70) and the UK (City of London College, which is a Premier Sector University College with the affiliation of 5 top ranking British Universities and accredited by the British Accreditation Council, UK)


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